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Welcome to my personal website. Here I will tell you more of me than I usually tell but you’ll have to wait for a while until I get that courage to start.

This much you can know right now. I have worked really hard at getting this already for you with hopes that you wouldn’t have to do the same hard work required. There was a Math teacher who once explained that the true mathematician will spend countless hours as required, trying to find an easier way to solve a problem. Well, I have put in the time and now all is just a click away, I'll tell you more later.

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Some of you may know that I am somewhat of a photographer and a writer. I have featured

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      Give Us This Day you will find some irregular entries.

I find some of the more popular stuff to make life easier for you. Check these products out.

Okay, First thing you should know is that I am a devoted Christian and I love the Bible, it is my favorite book. I have been using an audio Bible recently and here is another one that seems very good The Audio Bible.

 But this is not to say I don’t like reading in fact, I read the Poetry from Khaidji almost every day and have found the online books to be great collections. Khaidji made them easily accessible through this weblog daily

Electronic copies of Khaidji's books are at the Website Bajanebooks.com . The books featured there are all the easy turn page type that makes them a joy to read, no boring scrolling. See the last addition GoOD DayFor the Combermerians out there Khaidji’s Alma Mater may take you into some of the crazy memories we had back then. If you are more the traditional type you can get printed copies at the BajanBooks.com website.

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